When it comes to handing out presents in the $25 and under price range, it’s clear we’re talking about stocking stuffers. Keep in mind, though, that the term doesn’t necessarily denote bottom-of-the-barrel gift ideas. Value doesn’t automatically translate into shoddiness. After all, it’s the smallest items that are oftentimes the most useful on a daily basis. A multi-tool, a utility bag to store all the cables and chargers that accompany your numerous electronic devices, and a good old-fashioned pocket notebook – these are the kinds of thoughtful gifts your friends, co-workers and family members will appreciate.


Gerber Dime Multi Tool

Packed with 12 useful tools but still small enough to fit on your keychain.

Kraft Ruled 3-Pack

For keepers of lists and innovative thinkers whose best ideas have been lost one too many times to unreliable short-term memory.

Stanley Classic Flask

Leakproof and made with rustproof stainless steel, this flask will be useful for anyone spending the holidays with the in-laws.

Topo Designs Utility Bag

Store all your electronic detritus here, a simple and durable container made with always reliable Cordura fabric.

Moleskine Passion Journal – Beer

For the beer lover in your life, this specialized journal comes with loaded with useful information, including pouring tips, glass types, tasting notes, along with space for a homebrewing log and recipes.

Inova Xs Flashlight

A must for anyone who’s ever dropped their keys in the dark.

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

For lovers of the great outdoors, this convenient tool offers a spork and serrated knife in one easy-to-carry package.

Eton Blackout Buddy H20

If 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that disaster can strike at any time. This handy emergency light is activated with just a small cup of water, offering luminescence for up to 72 hours.

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana

Nationwide marijuana legalization may have taken a step backward, but weed is more popular than ever. There is doubtless someone in your life who has more than passing interest in our nation’s bumper crop.

SOTO Pocket Torch

There’s no telling when you’ll want to start a fire, whether you’re on a camping trip or in the kitchen.