For anyone who takes fun seriously, the 2017 Nerf Blasters are something to look forward to. Out of the entire lineup, there are three models that deserve a closer look. The Mega Twinshock has ten barrels and shoots Nerf’s biggest darts, which you can dispatch two at a time, or you can hold the trigger down and fire five double-blasts in rapid succession. The Regulator Modulator has various options, and is therefore the most technically advanced blaster of the three. You can fire just one projectile at a time, fire three at a time, or hit continuous burst mode when you’re looking to do maximum damage. The shooting modes are regulated by an IR beam that counts the darts as they go. Finally, the N-Strike Elite Accustrike Raptorstrike is billed as the most accurate of the three, featuring a pop-up sight, fully adjustable bi-pod and bolt-action shooting.