At the behest of an unnamed customer who obviously prizes conspicuous opulence, the Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance was designed by Rolls’ Bespoke service with actual diamond dust in the paint so that the car glitters in the light. Specifically, there are 1,000 crushed diamonds in the custom paint that the company calls Diamond Stardust. The luxurious trappings continue inside the cabin, which has driver and passenger areas separated by distinct upholstery and trim. Up front is black leather accented with Mugello Red stitching and piping, alongside a Tudor Oak wood veneer on the dash and doors, while occupants in the rear sit in Selby Grey leather seats with more Mugello Red trim. Tartan-style inner pockets at the doors and front seatbacks complete the look. The Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance is set to make its debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

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