If you’ve ever laid eyes on the Lotus C-01 concept, you can see how that remarkable machine inspired the custom Triumph “Ghost” motorcycle by Smoked Garage. The Australian workshop started by stripping down a 2005 Triumph Speed Triple and customizing a new frame with new triple trees. The crew then assembled a new airbox and radiator, along with a bespoke headlamp and custom fork sleeves at the front end. The next step was shaping the bodywork from five pieces of solid aluminum, joined together with flush mounted bolts for a streamlined aesthetic. A custom cooling system represented the biggest challenge for the crew, and it was accomplished using a revised front grille and improved side scoops, as well as a redesigned exhaust mount. Additional details include a custom tail with an integrated LED light, clip on bars and rear-set-footpegs, as well as a minimalist paint job that was the culmination of over 40 concept design sketches.

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