If you’re feeling the need for speed, the  C5 Blast Go-Kart is happy to oblige. The Canadian-made all-electric go-kart is billed as the fastest go-kart in the world, and the numbers appear to support the lofty claim. The Standard edition does 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds, while the Ultimate edition springs from 0-60 in a blistering 1.5 seconds. Both are powered by a brushless 48v/10KW DC motor, connected to 2400 watt-hour combined lithium Panasonic battery cells. On the Ultimate model, there are also four Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) motors providing 132 lbs of forward thrust, and eight more delivering 212 lbs of upward thrust that makes the 441-lb kart perform as if it weighs just 220 lbs. The Standard C5-Blast retails for $9,999 USD, while the Ultimate model is priced at a jaw-dropping $59,995.