The Electric Skateboard is the first of its kind to feature artificial intelligence, making the board easier and safer to ride. Built for urban transportation, this smart skateboard will learn how you ride over time, and use that data to make adjustments that suit your individual riding style, while also making it more battery efficient (the range is already fairly impressive, rated at 12.5 miles). The XTND will track your regular routes and offer better alternatives when possible, with smoother, less hilly terrain, and if you’re riding at night, integrated lights will automatically switch on to illuminate your path. It weighs in at just 6.6 lbs and can hit a top speed of 28 mph, with technology that reduces wobble when you’re really flying. When you’re done, the board will automatically go to “sleep” mode after 10 minutes of disuse, and when you’re ready to go you can turn it on with a companion remote. It’s up on Kickstarter with an early-bird price of $1,099.