Leica adds to its prestigious M line with the new M10, featuring a body size and weight reminiscent of the brand’s film models, like the classic M7. A mechanical ISO dial can be found on top of the camera, and there’s also a physical shutter-speed dial, meaning you can adjust all your ISO, shutter and aperture parameters without even turning the camera on. The optical rangefinder has a 30 percent greater field of view, increased magnification to 0.73X and a better range of adjustment to accommodate users with glasses. At the camera’s core is a 24 megapixel CMOS, driven by Leica’s current Maestro II image processor for faster shooting speeds, better dynamic range and a boost to the ISO range. And while there’s no video capability, this is the first M shooter to feature Wi-Fi, allowing you to easily transfer images to your mobile devices. The M10 is available now in stores for $6,495