Originally introduced way back in 1850, the Woolrich Buffalo Check Wool Shirt is a true American icon. Not only was the shirt instantly popular with both laborers and outdoorsmen, but it also gave the world the Original Buffalo Check, a pattern that’s become a recognized fixture in the menswear firmament. The famous red and black pattern goes back even further than 1850, with experts tracing its roots all the way to 700s Scotland. An organization dubbed the Scottish Tartans Authority officially recognizes the contrasting hues as MacGregor Red and Black — in honor of the historic MacGregor Clan — but no one is sure how the pattern made its way across the Atlantic onto our shores. As for the name, it’s believed that the Woolrich designer who first used the two-tone pattern on the company’s garments owned a herd of buffalo. Sadly, it’s nothing more remarkable than that.

What is remarkable is the staying power of the Woolrich Buffalo Check Wool Shirt. There are an untold number of customer testimonials that speak to its longevity, and the only downside is because they last so long, you won’t have an excuse to purchase a new one. Thankfully, the shirt is currently offered in a variety of colors.

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