Made by the Vancouver-based company of the same name, the Backcountry Hut is inspired by IKEA, offering affordable, well-designed products for the masses. It’s not just shared ideology, however — the prefabricated modular structure is assembled like IKEA furniture, available in different finishes and sizes. The hut can be set up as a Backcountry Hut for outdoor groups, or as a Frontcountry Hut for personal usage, each featuring a basic shell made up of 4 posts, 4 beams and a roof. The Backcountry variant houses a community kitchen on the bottom level and a bunk-bed sleeping area up top, while the Frontcountry accommodates a full-size kitchen downstairs with a large sleeping area on the second floor. Both use FSC certified lumber and 100% recyclable components as part of a zero-waste philosophy with minimal site imprint.