Located in Bolton, CT, Hayfield House from GO Logic is a 2,100 square-foot modern farmhouse for a family of five, designed to meet the international Passive House standard. The structure’s name comes from the surrounding¬†7-acre property, a hayfield that’s bee in the owners’ family since the early 1900s. The dwelling itself has a floorplan that includes three bedrooms, two full and one-half bathrooms, an office/guest room, mudroom, laundry/pantry connected to the kitchen, and a large open dining and living space enclosed by a locally sourced timberframe. Built for energy efficiency, the house’s form, orientation, triple-glazed windows and building shell result in 90 percent less energy usage for space heating than standard construction. Space-heating demands, even on the coldest winter nights, are satisfied by heat output that’s equivalent to that of a hair dryer.