Behold the Aston Martin Valkyrie, a hypercar that has an exterior that can charitably be described as “exotic.” In the pursuit of advanced aerodynamics, there are Venturi tunnels on either side of the cockpit, as well as full covers on the wheels and a camera system in lieu of side mirrors. Inside the cockpit, you’ll be surprised to find room for two, featuring seats that are bolted directly to the floor, with passengers sitting reclined and their feet slightly raised, a la an F1 or Le Mans prototype race car. There’s squarish steering wheel that can be removed for easier in and out, and almost all driving functions are found on said wheel, alongside a center display. Weight reduction is a priority here, seen in the car’s badge, which is made from etched aluminum that’s just 70 microns thick, or 30 percent thinner than a human hair. Aston Martin has yet to build a running prototype for the V12-powered behemoth, though one should be built by early next year, followed by first delivery in early 2019.

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