As part of Yamaha’s Yardbuilt 2017 XSR700 project, in which seven different European workshops were tasked with reimagining the 700cc modern classic, Spanish-based Café Racer SSpirit has unveiled its 1970s/1980s-inspired custom Yamaha XSR700. The only rules were that the end result would need to be street legal, and that the bike’s frame couldn’t be cut or trimmed in any way. Because the fuel tank is a removable cover, concealing the fuel cells underneath, and the subframe is removed by simply unscrewing a couple of bolts, the bike’s looks can be radically transformed without any compromise to its construction. Meanwhile, the bodywork was cast using an extremely modern approach: Tumaker 3D, a local 3D printing company, was tapped to scan and print the bodywork, spanning almost everything but the seat base. Dubbed “Kando,” the bike currently on a European tour, after which it’s set to return home to the CRSS workshop.

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