This summer, vacationers can enjoy both the the open road and tranquil sea with the Camper. The German-based company has created the amphibious tear-shaped camper with a monocoque-shell hull made with reinforced-fiberglass-laminate, which means it's waterproof, and it weighs in at around 1,100 pounds, allowing it to be towed by a midsize vehicle. Underneath a convertible folding polyester top, the interior of the camper boasts a fold-out table, as well as seating for six that turns into beds. In the water, a low-emission outboard motor propels the Sealander at a top speed of about 5.6 miles per hour. There's a stainless-steel swim ladder for those looking to take a refreshing dip, while those who prefer to stay dry can enjoy the scenery through tinted panoramic windows. Pricing begins at around $17,000.

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