With the launch of the Fjällräven’s Fall/Winter 2017 “Bergtagen” collection, the Swedish brand goes back to its roots: the mountains, where functional and technical clothing is crucial for survival. The individual pieces, developed in collaboration with a number of outdoor experts, is intended for anyone who spends long periods above the treeline, in one of nature’s harshest environments. (The word “Bergtagen” is derived from an old Swedish saying, referring to how the mountains can change you.) To ensure safety, Fjällräven has for the first time integrated RECCO reflectors into a seasonal collection, which means that in the event of an avalanche or other calamity, those wearing Bergtagen gear will offer heightened visibility for responding rescue teams. Speaking to the effectiveness of the RECCO system, it’s currently used by more than 800 ski resorts, rescue organizations and helicopter companies worldwide.

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