Made for gathering food in the wild, the Sven Cycles “Forager” bicycle is aptly named. The bespoke creation comes courtesy of Darron Sven Coppin, founder and chief builder of Sven Bikes, along with the broadcaster and food writer Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and his executive group chef Gill Meller. The three combined their expertise to design a handmade bicycle inspired by the classic Series 1 Land Rover, complete with a dynamo hub that powers a USB charger and the bicycle’s lights, as well as a unique front wheel equipped with elliptical struts for a smooth ride on rough terrain. Once the raw ingredients are collected, cooking can commence immediately: a locally-made wicker basket contains a fire pit BBQ, up-cycled cooking pots and pans, and 100% recyclable plates and utensils made from pine-tree fibers. Additional on-board supplies include a stainless steel thermos, chopping board made from recycled boat decking and assorted Opinel knives.

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