The Russian architecture studio CHVOYA erected the House in Pribylovo in Western Russia, offering residents a view of nearby Vyborg Bay on the eastern end of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea. Local building regulations required the house to be built towards the back of the plot, and in order to provide a view of the water, the architects designed the house to be slightly taller than its neighbors, featuring three stories that decrease in size toward the top. The top two floors are covered with a steeply pitched metal roof, while the lower floor is covered with horizontal slats of timber. The exception is the northern facade, constructed entirely in vertical planks of the same light-toned wood, fitted with a large window at the top to provide a view of the sea from the study and sitting room. On the ground floor is a living, dining and kitchen area, which has a completely transparent wall delivering more views to the sea, as well as plentiful sunlight.