When it comes to gifts in this price range, chances are you're shopping for someone you know very well, which makes the enterprise just a bit easier. Photogs will enjoy Leica's take on the instant camera, while budding filmmakers can shoot their latest opus with Chinon's modern interpretation of the Super-8 camera. Outdoorsmen will no doubt appreciate the rugged beauty of a Danner hiking boot or a G-Shock Mudmaster, while those who prefer staying indoors will enjoy music piped out of McIntosh Labs' wireless loudspeaker. Now all you have to do is match the interest with the person.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-045 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $200 and Above

Danner Portland Select Mountain Trail Boot

Based on a Danner vintage silhouettes from the ‘60s, the Mountain Trail is incapable of a wrong step, featuring a no-nonsense design that incorporates premium tanned leather and a lightweight Vibram Gumlite sole unit.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-041 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $200 and Above

LEGO Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Continuing a long tradition of LEGO Technic and Porsche GT cars, this kit contains over 2,700 pieces. The finished product features working doors and lids, and an incredibly detailed cockpit.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-042 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $200 and Above

Leica Sofort Instant Film Camera

Known for their retro designs, Leica goes full throwback with the Sofort Instant Film Camera, allowing shooters to capture holiday memories the old-fashioned way.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-046 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $200 and Above

Priority Bicycles EIGHT

Made for commuters, the “Eight” is built for comfort, agility and speed, featuring quality, low-maintenance components that demolish Pinnacle's rivals in terms of pricing.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-043 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $200 and Above

+ Rocky Mountain Featherbed Down Jacket

A Japanese collector revived the Wyoming-based Rocky Mountain Featherbed label in the early 2000s, and Todd Snyder has brought back the brand's coveted down jackets to the U.S., featuring the natural warmth of 100% down insulation.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-050 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $200 and Above

McIntosh Labs RS100 Wireless Speaker

Crystal clear sound is the gift that keeps on giving for audiophiles. Wireless functionality is the icing on the cake.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-047 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $200 and Above

Rogue Territory Stealth Supply Jacket

Rogue Territory's fresh take on the classic denim jacket has a minimalist, utilitarian feel, featuring 150z black selvedge denim from Japan's Nihon Menpu mill that's guaranteed to get better with age.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-048 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $200 and Above

CHINON Bellami HD-1

For film purists, this is the next best thing. Chinon's Bellami HD-1 features a throwback pistol grip design and interchangeable lenses, built around the specs of a traditional Super-8 camera.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-044 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $200 and Above

BATTENWEAR Garage Denim Zip-Up Shirt

The humble denim shirt gets a modern update, featuring a half-zip pop-over design and dark indigo coloring.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-049 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $200 and Above


This Japanese exclusive has all the functionality and durability you expect from G-Shock, housed in design that's both tough and tactical. Triple Sensor with compass bearing, altimeter/barometer and Multi-Band 6 are just some of the features.