The scope of gift ideas in the $50 to $100 range is unsurprisingly expansive and eclectic. There are utilitarian options, like a 19-piece multi-tool, wooden valet and stainless-steel pen – all of which will no doubt be actually used. For those who value personal style, there's a nubuck leather iPhone case and a traditional 5-panel cap from Noah, made with an untraditional mohair fabrication. For those who place a premium on whimsy, you'll have to look no further than a marshmallow crossbow. Yes, it exists, and the world is better for it.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-021 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $50-$100

MMX Vancouver “Mallow Bow”

If you like the concept of a crossbow but have a problem with its deadly consequences, opt for mallow shooter. Handmade in Vancouver, this crossbow shoots marshmallows in a straight line up to 60 feet.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-022 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $50-$100

Macbook EDC Kit

This easy-to-organize and secure bag is the perfect companion for the person who spends more time outside the office than in.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-023 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $50-$100

FairEnds x Grady's Cold Brew Package

Featuring Grady's Bean Bag Can (holding three servings of potent concentrate), a 16 oz mug made from 100% corn plastic and a navy waxed cotton ball cap.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-024 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $50-$100

Maxx & Unicorn Co. Rectangle Valet

Made in the USA with solid walnut, this is a dependable and handsome safeguard against misplaced keys and wallets.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-025 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $50-$100

Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool

Featuring a total of 19 tools, all of which can be opened and operated with just one hand.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-051 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $50-$100

Tanner Goods Memori Pen

Made with solid stainless steel locally machined in Portland and refillable with ink cartridges, this is a pen made to be passed down to future generations.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-027 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $50-$100

Hard Graft Dusty iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Cases

A nubuck leather cover that brings natural warm materials to the cold surfaces of your handheld.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-029 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $50-$100

Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

An automatic mechanical watch that doesn't break bank, packaged in a brushed stainless steel case, canvas strap and a classically designed dial.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-028 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $50-$100

NOAH Mohair 5-Panel Hat

Emblazoned with subtle logo hit, this versatile cap is built with mohair, a warm, natural fabric that's almost as light as cashmere.

juncture-2016-holiday-gift-guide-030 10 Holiday Gifts for Him | $50-$100

UE ROLL 2 Volcano Bluetooth Speaker

In addition to powerful sound, this waterproof speaker comes with a stretchable bungee that you can attach just about anywhere.