Billed as the “ultimate earth-smart raingear,” the Columbia OutDry Ex Eco Jacket is constructed from 100% recycled fabric, made with approximately 21 recycled plastic bottles and no PFCs (or perflourinated compounds, featuring one of the strongest bonds known to man, which means it doesn’t break down readily in the environment). Even the trim and various components — including the toggle, washer, phemo, eyelet, labels, webbing, zippers and thread — contain 100% recycled content. Additionally, the waterproof and breathable material is dye-free, saving over 13 gallons of water per jacket in the manufacturing process. And because the surface of the jacket is not a textile, in most cases the jacket can be simply wiped clean, reducing the water and energy that’s used in the conventional washing of a garment. Finally, when the jacket reaches the end of its life, it can be donated through Columbia’s ReThreads program, where it will be processed for a second life.

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