With the Outside Van Valhalla Camper, luxury and the great outdoors are no longer mutually exclusive prospects. The Valhalla, like all of Outside’s vans, is based on a 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, featuring plenty of extras for all the comforts of home. They include an indoor stainless-steel shower, 12v refrigerator and high-end stereo system, as well as a drop-down flat screen TV that can be enjoyed on a custom-upholstered sofa. The exterior features high-output LED light bars, an OSV Surf/SUP roof rack to hold your surfboards and paddle boards, and an awning for shady protection. And if you want to go green, solar panels allow you to give your auxiliary power system a boost for those off-grid backcountry trips. Pricing begins at $48,000 for a core van conversion.


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