It’s the 30th Anniversary of the Ferrari F40, as the iconic supercar was originally unveiled during a special presentation at the Civic Centre in Maranello, Italy, on July 21, 1987. The car itself commemorated a company milestone — namely, 40 years of business for Ferrari — and making the coupe even more special is its design pedigree, with Enzo Ferrari providing significant input before his death the following year. “I have never experienced a presentation like that of the F40,” said Ermanno Bonfiglioli, then head of Ferarri’s Special Projects division. “When the car was unveiled, a buzz passed through the room followed by thunderous applause.” The plaudits turned out to be well earned, as the F40 hit the road just 13 months after development, packing a 2.9-liter biturbo V8 pumping out 478 horsepower. Ferrari used lightweight components wherever possible, highlighted by a tubular steel frame with Kevlar reinforcement panels, carbon fiber body panels and plastic windows. Just over 1,300 units of the F40 were built from 1987 to 1992, and today the car is known to fetch over $1 million at auction.

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