We live in fraught times, and the emergence of “woke-wear” is just one example of the futility that’s in store for those people who try to ignore the reality of the current toxic political climate. A recent piece in GQ reveals that an estimated 22 brands have applied political messaging on their clothes since last September, ranging from the subtle (Michael Geller’s “Immigrant” emblazoned on a sweatshirt) to the overt (Jonathan Simkhai’s “Feminist AF” tees). But is woke-wear making a difference? After all, fashion has a history of commodifying social issues for its own ends. The numbers seem to tell the tale, as those Robert Geller “Immigrant” sweatshirts have raised a reported $20,000 for the ACLU through Grailed, and Jonathan Simkhai’s “Feminist AF” tees have made $25,285 for Planned Parenthood. So even if the idea of mixing politics and style makes you squeamish, you need to know that there are actual positive results being achieved, and you also need to realize that in 2017, sitting out is not an option.